MDL4EO Publications

Journal Publications

  • Ienco, D., Interdonato, R., Gaetano, R., Ho Tong Minh, D. :  “Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Image Time Series for land cover mapping via a multi-source deep learning architecture”.  ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 158, pp. 11-22 (paper)
  • R. Interdonato, D. Ienco, R. Gaetano, K. Ose: “DuPLO: A DUal view Point deep Learning architecture for time series classificatiOn“. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing,
    149, pp. 91-104 (paper)
  • R. Gaetano, D. Ienco, K. Ose, R. Cresson: “A two-branch CNN architecture for land cover classification of PAN and MS imagery”.  Remote Sensing. 10(11): 1746 (2018)
  • P. Benedetti, D. Ienco, R. Gaetano, K. Ose, R. G. Pensa, S. Dupuy: “M3Fusion: A Deep Learning Architecture for Multi-{Scale/Modal/Temporal} satellite data fusion“. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 11(12): 4939-4949 (2018)
  • E. Ndikumana, D. H. T. Minh, N. Baghdadi, D. Courault, L. Hossard: Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Agricultural Classification using multitemporal SAR Sentinel-1 for Camargue, France”. Remote Sensing 10(8): 1217 (2018)
  • R. Cresson: “A framework for remote sensing images processing using deep learning technique“. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett. 16(1): 25-29 (2019) (preprint)
  • D. Ienco, R. Gaetano, C. Dupaquier, P. Maurel: “Land Cover Classification via Multitemporal Spatial Data by Deep Recurrent Neural Networks“. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett. 14(10): 1685-1689 (2017) (preprint)
  • D. Ho Tong Minh, D. Ienco, R. Gaetano, N. Lalande, E. Ndikumana, F. Osman, P. Maurel: “Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Winter Vegetation Quality Mapping via Multitemporal SAR Sentinel-1“. IEEE Geosci. Remote Sensing Lett. 15(3): 464-468 (2018) (preprint)


  • D. Ienco, R. Gaetano, R. Interdonato, K. Ose, D. Ho Tong Minh: “Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series via RNN for object-based land cover classification”. Proceedings of International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposyum (IGARSS 2019) (2019)
  • D. Ienco, K. OSE, C. Weber. Towards combining Satellite Imagery and VGI for Urban LULC classification. JURSE 2019

On-going Works:

  • R. Cresson, D. Ienco, R. Gaetano, K. Ose, D. H. T. Minh

    Optical image gap filling using deep convolutional autoencoder from optical and radar images